I am recommending this website for jewellery. Perfect place to buy. Highly recommended.


Mar 27, 2020 [Friday]

I recently purchased a silver chain for a occasion. Not once did I have to go down to the store ! Everything was beautifully organized, wrapped and delivered with perfection. Wonderful customer service, excellent staff !!!Highly recommended

Komal Raj

Jul 07, 2019 [Sunday]

Extremely impressed with response through the online service to source a gift. First time to use online purchase, and delivery to pickup store within 24 hours. Thankyou !


May 26, 2019 [Sunday]

I recently purchased a ring for my wife as a surprise and as typical male, I got the size wrong. It was quite a few sizes to small. We knew it would need to be re-sized but thought it would be ok to wear in the meantime. The ring went my wife's finger on the Friday night. Sunday morning however was a different story. My wife's finger was swollen and there was no way that ring was going anywhere. No matter how much we coaxed or coerced. We tried everything but the ring was well and truly stuck. It was going no where. I was in a great deal of trouble by this stage. All of the joy and happiness from my wife, brought about by my surprise purchase and thoughtfulness on the Friday night had long since disappeared. The situation was well and truly all my fault and I was in serious marital trouble! Not knowing your wife's ring size turned out to be as major as not knowing the date of wedding anniversary! I called the hospital and they informed us they weren't in a position to help. They did however give me the number of a jeweller to call. Being a Sunday morning and being Mothers Day, understandably, I did not like our chances of being able to get any help for my wife's finger and my marital state of pain. Fortunately for us the hospital did not give me the telephone number of just any jeweller. They gave me the telephone number to Romil of Jewels Fiji. He agreed to see us at 10am at the Nadi Town - Main Street location and informed me that the charge would be $50. Even though he was doing us a favour he apologised for being 5 minutes late. The ring unfortunately had to be cut to be removed but we can fix that. Romil didn't end up charging us the $50 either. Why have I taken the time out of my busy schedule to write this testimonial? It certainly isn't because we weren't charged the $50. That was a lovely gesture but neither here nor there. I'm writing it because a business owner took himself away from his wife and children on Mothers Day morning for no financial reward to help my wife and I. People in business with a mindset like that are rare. So thank you Romil for your time. My wife is speaking to me again so that is also good :) Regards Philip Davies  

Philip Davies

May 14, 2018 [Monday]

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