About Us


Since the day we started in June 2006, our vision has been to become Fiji's leading jewellery and watch company and provide a one-stop-shop for fine jewellery for Fijians and international visitors alike. We are guided by the socially responsible 3P principle, which places people and the planet before profit. With this in mind, we strive to create value for both our customers and our employees in everything we do. This includes staying on top of the latest research and trends within the jewellery industry, allowing us to bring the best in our stores. Sustainbility in more than a buzzword at Jewels Fiji as we continue to source our jewellery nly from the most reputable sources around the world and create a win-win for everyone. 


A Brief History

Husband and wife duo Romil and Janki Patel founded Jewels Fiji, a specialist retailer, wholesaler and exporter of quality jewelleries, watches and exclusive giftware in June 2006. Neither had any experience trading in jewellery or watches at the time and going into the investment heavy business wasn't without significant risk. What they did have was a shared passion for jewellery. Romil (29) had qualified as a jewellery professional from the Gemological Institute of America, the world's foremost authority on gemology, where he had also studied pearls, diamonds and coloured stones. Janki (26) had a commerce and financial analysis background. Together, they took the plunge.


Denarau Flagship 

A year later in July 2007, the couple opened their first flagship at the prestigious Port Denarau shopping complex on Denarau Island. Fiji's hittest tourism destination with some of the world's best known resort brands, Denarau Island has over 1500 rooms across seven hotels including three sheraton properties, Hilton, Radission and Sofitel among others. Port Denarau has been labelled one of the most significant retail and commercial developments in South Pacific region. An easy 20 minutes from Nadi International Airport, it serves as a gateway to Fiji's outlying Islands, a key factor in Denarau Island's strong tourism growth and popularity. The Jewels Fiji store at Port Denarau is a 65-square-meter glass cube located in the centre of the shopping complex. Designed by an Italian architect, the store's world-class design and ambiance make for a memorable shopping experience.


Suva Flagship

In May 2008, Jewels Fiji opened its second store, this time in Fiji's capital Suva. This store is strategically located at the entrance of MHCC, Fiji's first mall built to international standards. Designed by the Italian architect, Jewels Fiji's Suva flagship is argubly the capital city's most contemporary store for jewellery retail.


Nadi Flagship

In August 2010, Jewels Fiji opened a third store in the heart of Nadi Town. Situated opposite Nadi's major tourist shopping outlets including ANZ Bank and Jack's of Fiji, the store's location is ideal for extensive foot flow, Often refered to as the tourist town, Nadi Town is the hub of all major business activity with Nadi's boundaries. In 2012, devastating floods destroyed the two year old store and Jewels Fiji embarked on an ambitious, year-long rebuild of its Nadi flagship. The new two level store, which opened in February 2013, is the largest jewellery store in the Pacific Islands. Featuring modern furniture and lighting (including large chandelier), it is easily Fiji's most opulent jewellery store.


Repair Centre

In August 2010, Jewels Fiji opened a state-of-the-art Jewellery Repair Centre after acquiring Jogia Jewellers (then Fiji's leading jewellery repair and service centre). The fully equipped repair centre is the only one of its kind in Fiji and is well stocked with jewellry findings and tools.


Body Piercing Studio

Also in August 2010, the company unveiled a Body Piercing Studio, which it acquired from Jogia Jewellers. The studio is run to Australian standards and uses the best piercing gear to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for patrons. It is also home to one of the best body piercers in the Pacific, who has over 25 years of experience.


Hotel Store

In May 2013, Jewels Fiji made further inroads into Fiji's burgeoning tourism market by opening its first hotel-based store at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa on Denarau Island. 


Gold Testing

In early 2014, the company acquired two state of the art gold testers and became Fiji's first store to test gold professionally.


New Outlook

In October 2014, the company embarked on a rebrand of its corporate identity, which includes a new logo and outlook. A full rollout will be completed by June 2015, which is when Jewels Fiji celebrates eight years in business.


Nationwide Group Australia

In November 2014, Jewels Fiji joined Nationwide Group Australia, Australia's largest jewellery and gift buying group. Jewels Fiji is an exclusive Fijian member of the group, which appoints only a single member per country outside of Australia and New Zealand.


Jewellers Association of Australia

Since 2008, Jewels Fiji has also been the only international member of the prestigious Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). Members are elected on the basis of creditability, experience and knowledge in the area of jewellery. Jewels Fiji is a signatory to JAA's Code of Conduct, which sets the strictest of standards for members.


ADB - Antwerp Diamond Broker

In April 2016, with great pride Romil Patel became Fiji's exclusive Antwerp Diamond Broker. This means that Jewels Fiji can now import diamonds from the Diamond Capital of the world, at exceptional prices cutting out all middle man, hence bringing diamond to Fiji at amazing prices.


Fijian Made Liecense

In June 2016, Jewels Fiji became the first jewellery company to be given the Fijian Made License, for its 100% locally manufactured Gold Rings with diamonds. It took the company one year to obtain this license and all our manufactured products in Fiji are Hallmarked. 



Our love of jewellery is apparent the moment you walk into Jewels Fiji Store. We hand pick a lot of pieces to ensure that our range is unique, with a variety of styles to suit different tastes. 

Our in-store collection include Tahitian black pearls, diamonds set in white and yellow gold, loose diamonds certified by GIA, coloured stones, silver, Swiss watches, pens, crystal ware, exclusive artifacts and collectibles, We source all our jewellery from reputable sources and carry a range of international brands in store. 

Above all, we believe in great service and happy, satisfied customers, which is why you'll always find quality jewellery at affordable prices. Thanks to your support, we've grown in leaps and bounds since launching in 2006. Today, Jewels Fiji has grown into a household name in Fiji with more to come in 2016 and beyond.